You will need
  • - certificate of state registration of ownership rights to the apartment;
  • - passport;
  • - completed application on registration at the place of residence;
  • - a piece of departure (optional).
For state registration of ownership rights for housing you must submit to the territorial body rosreestra a statement of these transactions (the form can be downloaded on the website of Rosreestr or directly at the reception), copy of passport and two copies of the contract of sale or other document under which housing is passed to you.
Will also have to pay the state fee. Its size and details for the transfer can be specified in the body of the Federal service for state registration, and payment done at the Bank.
With prepared testimony and other documents, you should contact the passport office of housing office serving the area where is located your new apartment. Or to the territorial division of the FMS, if the passport office in the housing Department no.
Will require your passport, the piece of departure is subject to availability and completed application on registration at the place of residence.
The application form can be obtain at the passport office and fill out on site or downloaded online, for example, in the section of the portal of state Services.<url>", devoted to registration at the place of residence, to fill in on your computer, print and sign. The application can also fill in on the portal and to transmit over the Internet.
If you are discharged from your previous place of residence, do not worry. In this case, fill the detachable coupon of the registration statement, and all issues will be resolved at the place of treatment.
A passport with a mark about registration must give you three days after receiving the documents.