You will need
  • - a sheet of paper(or letterhead of the organization)
  • - handle
Once you decide you will be the attorney for one day or for a certain period. A single authorization from one individual to another usually does not require certification by a notary. A power of attorney from a legal entity, the physical will most likely require certification by a notary. In addition, it must be signed by the head of the organization and seal.
Make the power of attorney. The text should look like the following. At the top of the sheet to spell the word "attorney. Under it - the date and place of issuance of the document. Further information on the principal and who received the parcel entrusted. For example: "I, the citizen Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, passport (number, series, issued when and by whom), residing at the address(index, city, street, house, apartment) authorize this power of attorney is the citizen Ivanov, Maria Y., passport(number, series, issued when and by whom), residing at the address (index, city, street, house, apartment ) get (name post office) a parcel, and to perform all actions related to the implementation of this order. The power of attorney is valid for a period of (1 year or write a specific date of receiving).
Next comes the surname, name, patronymic of the beneficiary in full, his signature.
If you plan to use a power of attorney permanently, it is necessary to notarize. This inexpensive service. But a trip to the notary is carried out by the principal. So, time is wasted. In addition, it is not a free service. Perhaps you will make it easier to go and get the parcel.