A resignation letter is typically written by an employee on his hands. This statement is issued in full accordance with the reason for the dismissal. Thus, dismissal may occur by agreement of the parties or on their own. The statement is made out cap located in the upper right corner. It indicates the position of the name in the dative case, to whom is addressed this statement, and official title of the employee and his / her name in the genitive case. Then, in the middle of the sheet to spell the word the statement in small letters. Then with a red line issued the text of the statement with the corresponding request. At the end of the sheet put the date of writing of resignation from the left side, as well as the personal signature of the applicant on the right. It should be remembered that the application must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the specific date of dismissal. Such nuance is the responsibility of the employee, which should provide early warning to the higher management about leaving. The employee may not specify the true cause of his leaving the work, and the employer has no right to prevent the employee expressed a desire to quit. If a person has applied for dismissal and sick, upon presentation of a certificate of incapacity superiors, the period of his dismissal reviewed.

How to inform boss about wanting to leave

At dismissal it is very important not to offend the user and to maintain good human relations. Some people, dismissing from work, you begin to gloat and insult the now former head, remembering old grievances. This, of course, not to do so for the simple reason that the new employer will want to get references from previous jobs. Therefore it is better to leave a most favorable impression and right to quit.

How to resign correctly

In the first place the user should know about employee dismissal. You need to clearly explain to the employer the reason for the change of place of work. Of course, the responsibility of an employee is not included, but normal human conversation will help to defuse the situation and resolve some controversial issues. You can ask the chief to give good advice and be sure to thank him, to say kind words to the staff, noting the positive aspects that were associated with cooperation with this company. Not be amiss to arrange a farewell party for colleagues, tell them words of gratitude for our joint work.