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Often it turns out that when applying for a job we are chosen according to several criteria. For some employers a good reason is the so-called "face control", someone pays attention to the experience of the work. But when we are talking about jobs, claimed by many, without questioning will not do. Sometimes a CV does not help the situation, saying that you have a summary of the Secretary you will not be happy.
In any case it is better to fill in the questionnaire. Try to write correctly and in legible handwriting. Imagine that you have a hundred completed questionnaires and you have to choose the best. A questionnaire with illegible handwriting will immediately fly to the basket. So if you have bad handwriting, try to write slower, but as distinctly as possible.
Also note that in the questionnaire sometimes there are double issues, so-called "lie detector." If you write the truth, then Secretary in the end will understand.
Filling the last place of work should be accurate. Take with you a workbook to in the graphs on the place of work to write the exact date. If the last work was part of the UI, write the first brand name, often know her.
You will also need addresses and phone numbers of your previous employers for advice about you and about how doing his job. Remember not to leave the questionnaire blank graph. It makes you wonder about your candidacy negatively. When the requirement in the application form to fill the column "about yourself" or "wishes" it is desirable to write accurately and concisely. This will emphasize your importance to the prospective employer.
Another important point in the design of a questionnaire is the level of wages. And everything here is very serious. Need to know their value and to write appropriate to your abilities. Do not think: here I just and is enough for me, just take me... Evaluate your work appreciated. If payment is assigned by agreement, then it is likely to be underestimated by the employer.