The volume of the autobiography should not exceed two pages. If you haven't managed to climb the career ladder or to change many jobs, it will be enough and one page narrative about yourself.
Fill in the curriculum vitae Times New Roman font, 14 point type. On the first line of the page write "Autobiography" and align the word in the center. Then go to the next line, make width alignment and type your surname, name and patronymic in the genitive case. Put the point.
Make a single indent (twice by pressing Enter) and start an autobiography standard phrase "I, Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, born on...". Specify in the proposal your complete date of birth, and town.
Then tell me what school you studied. You must specify the years of training, and the result – if you graduated from high school with a medal, be sure to write about it.
In the same part of his autobiography write about the achievements during the life of the school is possible to take into account school and extracurricular activities. List diplomas and certificates obtained in different contests and competitions, a certificate of the music school or winning in sports.
If after school you served in the military, write the name of the place of service and specify its term.
Logically, go to the place of further education. Name the University you received, specialty and years of training.
Write about the composition of his family – first name of the parents and their profession, then enter your marital status, name, date of birth and occupation of spouse, name and date of birth of children (if any).
List the places of their work. Call the name of the company, the years of your cooperation and position. Tell us about the achievements during the work and promotions.
Enter the full address where you currently reside. On a new line, put the date of the writing of his autobiography and his signature.