Autobiography – it is an independent description of the life, written in a free form, but still demands it. Using autobiography, the employer not only receives the additional information to better understand the personality of the future employee, but also looks at how well you are able to make your biography.
Start autobiography with your name, surname and patronymic, specify the year of birth and place of registration. Should get the following: "I, Ivanova Anna Ivanovna, born in 1988, living to the address: Krasnoyarsk, Mira str., 14".
After you've submitted, please provide information on your education in a logical order it is received. If there is a need to specify a common school education. But usually the description starts with special education, indicate years of study, name of educational institution, speciality.
The following paragraph biographies indicate completed courses, courses, trainings and seminars, additional education. Be sure to include the years of passage of a course and the topics of all courses and trainings.
Next, describe the experience. This is a secondary information block autobiography. Start with the first job, specify the time during which you worked at this place, position and name of institution, organization. In chronological order, list all of the following place of your work. Here tell us about the achievements at work, awards.
If, in addition to the basic work, you teach at an educational institution, lectures, etc., and be sure to include this information. Can specify the composition of the family. At the end of your autobiography, specify the total work experience, put the date of writing and subscribe. If several sheets, sign every.