Starting to write his autobiography, the first thing you need to introduce yourself, i.e. write your surname, name and patronymic.
Next, enter the date of birth. Then specify the location.
Further it is recommended to specify your education. Depending on the purposes for which you are writing a autobiography, it is possible to specify the General education or school. But do start with the special education, indicating the name of the educational institution, year of study and earned the degree. Then you need to enter the primary specialization which you have taken courses for professional development, upgrades, what were the seminars, trainings. Be sure to specify the year when you obtained additional education, and also trainings, seminars, courses.
The following paragraph of your biography refers to the experience. You need to start with its very first place of work, and continue to list all subsequent. You must provide the title, your duties, and the year of admission. The following information is about the commendations, promotions, change of specialty. If you except the basic work, teach or lecture, then you need to specify this information. To the end of your biography you need to specify the total work experience.
If a biography says graduate, you must specify its scientific work, participation in student conferences.Your bio should match the purpose for which you wrote it. Therefore, when you employment details reflect your work experience and responsibilities, as well as participation in courses and workshops that enhanced the skills that are important for the office to which you are applying.