The service "Daily weather forecast" allows the subscriber to get information about what is happening outside the window in the city, where was registered on the SIM card. If for some reason you decided to abandon this service (for example, moving to another city or region, use one of the options below. For example, dial the combination *111* 4751 # call button. After that, the service will be disabled.
You can also abandon the daily weather notification via SMS. Send a message with the number 2 to the short number 4741**. According to information published on the official website of the cellular company of MTS, sending this message will be free if the subscriber is in the zone of the home area. If you are in national, international or national roaming, for SMS message requesting disconnection of service will have to pay. The cost of the message in this case depends on the conditions of communication in roaming according to your tariff.
If none of the above methods are not suitable, you can contact the customer support service of cellular communication of MTS, by calling 0890. This can be done for free if you call from a mobile phone. Follow the recommendations of the mobile consultant, which service "Daily weather forecast" will be disabled.
If you are an active Internet user, disable the weather notification directly to the Network. To do this, go to the website http://wap.mts-i.ruscroll to "My subscriptions". In the General list of subscriptions, locate the "weather Forecast" and disable the service. By the way, this method can enable or disable several services of this mobile operator in terms of information and entertainment offers the "MTS-info".