If you use the services of cellular operator "MegaFon", disable sending the "weather Forecast" in several ways. The easiest and most accessible is shutdown by sending TEXT messages. You enough with your phone to send to short number 5151 with the following text: "Stop pp" or the same, but Russian letters - "Stop PP". For disabling services funds from the account can not be removed.
If you have Internet access, disable sending of the weather with a self-service system. On the website of MegaFon, open the page that contains information about subscriptions of OJSC "MegaFon". In the upper right corner you will see a field where you can enter a phone number in the format +7xxxxxxxxxx. You will receive a password for the phone. Log into your account and unsubscribe from the newsletter.
To unsubscribe you can request assistance from the contact center by dialing 0500. An outgoing call will be free for you.
If you are a customer of the cellular company "MTS" deactivate newsletter "Daily weather forecast" by request. Dial on your phone *111*4751# and make the call. You can also use SMS service. Short number 4741 send a message containing the number 2.
To unsubscribe from the mailing list, you can take the help of the "Internet Assistant". Go to the official website of JSC "MTS", click the inscription "Entrance to Personal Cabinet". Enter the requested system information. Then under "Rates and services" select "My subscriptions" and unsubscribe from unnecessary services.
To disable mailing "Daily weather forecast" use the help of a consultant of the company. To do this, please call 0890 and contact a member of MTS OJSC.
Users operator "Beeline" can disable "Weather" with the help of USSD-command. It is enough to a phone to dial the following symbols: *110*9# call. In case of problems, please contact reference and information service by number 0611.