You will need
  • Plastic card, knife, scissors, snips, wire.
If you have a shallow Inbox or correspondence has the height of more than two thirds of its parts, try to get her fingers through the slit. Do this carefully so the hand was stuck in the mailbox.
Improvised you can try to make a "key". In this case you will need a flat solid objects. For example, scissors or a knife. You can push them into the crack between the door of the box and its base in the place where the castle stands. Thus, you have a lever. Apply a bit of force, and the lock pawl may give in and open the box. The disadvantage of this method is that the use of force may deform Inbox.
Try to open the mailbox with a skeleton key. As lock picks fit pin, piece of wire, small scissors, needle. Insert the lock pick into the keyhole and slowly rotate it in the direction in which rotates the key. Listen at the same time, lends itself to any lock. If Yes, you are on the right track, keep going. If not, try to open a skeleton key with a different force and amplitude. This method is effective for old simple zip lock.
Make a spare key from the mailbox. A duplicate can be made as in a workshop there and at home. For manufacturing you need unnecessary plastic card. Attach the key and draw it on the contour. Left cut key layout from the card.
The lock on the mailbox can be purchased in post offices. If the office is close to home, you can go get a new key. However, it will have to buy a lock.
In the case when at hand, no pins, no wire, go to the neighbors. Often the mailboxes are standard locks. That is the key of the neighbor could come to your mailbox.