You will need
  • - chisel;
  • - hammer;
  • - pliers;
  • - new lock.
Make sure that the table really belongs to you. If not, please refrain from opening it. Take a chisel and put it in the crack between the wall and the top cover. Carefully lift the last light hammer blows on the chisel.
Placing the chisel from different sides, evenly lift the lid until it is released from projecting from the walls of the round protrusions. Do not try to accelerate the process of increasing the power of strikes - the tabs can fracture and remain in the cover which will reduce the strength of the tables.
After removing the cover, pull out the drawer all the items and put them in a safe place, such as another locker or drawer. If the keys are in the box, take them out. If they are lost, with the help of pliers remove the internal nut to lock. Remove the lock and take it with you to the hardware store or on the construction market as a sample. Buy the same lock.
Install in drawer new castle and secure it with the nut. While installing the top cover, try it in action. After turning the key clockwise the button should pop out out with a keyhole, and in this position, the box should move. If you press and lock button, the lock should prevent the extension drawer.
Placing the entire bunch of keys from the new castle out of the box, spread the edges of walls and tables (but not the box!) the perimeter adhesive, suitable for the connection of wood panels. Put the lid on the tabs, and then light hammer blows on the edges evenly and press it until the cracks. Do not hit it too hard, otherwise may cause cracking, affecting the appearance of the product. Remove them after this would be impossible.
Wait until the glue dries. Put in the drawer all were in things. Making sure that all the keys are on the outside, push the drawer, and then lock it by pressing the lock button.