Why a person continues to drink

To stop drinking, do not have to take into account your past experience. People who periodically drink alcohol, can consider themselves alcoholics at different stages of the disease. Just some of them stuck in the swamp deeper, and someone is still near its surface. If people rarely abuse alcohol or trying not to abuse at all, it does not mean that the trap is over it doesn't shut. The fact that alcohol is a legal poison, the use of which the people themselves come up with a clever excuse.

The man continues to drink for 15 years not because he likes it, and he becomes happier. It just keeps the mechanism of alcoholic traps. If he wants to understand the basic principles of this mechanism, the desire to drink may disappear altogether. Perhaps such a person in my 15 years of experience have repeatedly tried podesavati. But time has shown that he is not capable of. Then he stopped trying, in desperation, reasoning that he has a physical defect in the body, which encourages him to drink.

What was the error of such tactics? Trying to quit drinking on their own, people resort to methods that rely on willpower. Drinking had to collect all will in a fist, force yourself to give up alcohol, stay by all means and not to dream about one single drink. Unless such tactics can be called effective, pleasant and brings relief? Except in such agony the alcoholic will feel free from addiction and healthy? On the contrary, he will feel himself the most unfortunate man who was separated from a dear friend. It is not surprising that after such abuse of the people fall back into the pit.

Tricks of the alcohol trap

The question arises, if not by willpower, then how to give up this addictive drug. The trick is that alcohol dependence is enshrined in human consciousness, not his physical body. It is therefore easy to understand how you have been brainwashed about the benefits of alcohol. In fact there and you will understand how futile to pour a destructive poison. Alcohol tastes disgusting, but people tend to ignore it. Drink it to quench your thirst, but alcohol causes dehydration and the desire to drink again. Alcohol is taken for a means of relaxation, but do you feel rested after a stay in total confusion?

Alcohol is called the helper in the communication, but did you happen to admire alcoholic and skills of other people, when you watched them? Drink alcohol in stressful situations, but disappeared after this at least one source of stress? On the contrary, everyone has to see in an even darker light. And all because of the poisoned body is weakened and sick. Do you know how to enjoy life when sick? Or the disease itself generates more problems? This list of misconceptions to fill a few more. The main conclusion: alcohol has no real benefits. If you realize for yourself, the desire to drink will be gone, no matter what experience you have.