First knead the phalanges of the toes, to ensure a soft landing. Then take the ankle, slowly rotate both feet clockwise. It is also important to determine which of your legs is Jogging. But it's quite simple. Just ask a friend to push you lightly in the back. What foot you put forward, and that is your shock.
Continuing the warm-up, proceed to the second stage. Press ten times, then put the burden of moderate severity (for example, a special zone with sand, portfolio books, etc.). Now jump 250 times without a rope (over time, gradually increase the load).
After a workout you can begin training. So, start by jumping from a height. Let it be a low chair or stool. First, you can jump (or rather jump) on two legs, but in General you need to learn how to do it on one leg. With this exercise, you will develop muscles of the ankle, knee and lower leg. Twenty of these jumps a day would be sufficient. Of course, you need to soften the load on the foot when landing.
The third and final phase of your training is yourself jumping to the ring. Find a suitable site for their classes. It can be not only a gym, but a Park with tall trees. In the first case, you need to work out jump to the ring with the leg, running up and jumping. While in the Park, find a more or less thick branch at about the height of the ring and try to jump to it to get. Combining classes in the basketball section with this method, you will get results fast enough.