Advice 1: How to learn how far to jump

Long jump included in the program of athletics. They are an essential element in the preparation and performance of athletes of different sports. The ability to jump has practical value, for example, when jumping over ditches and puddles. To learn how far you can jump, if you master technique and develop speed-strength qualities.
How to learn how far to jump
Do the workout. Training in any sport should begin with a warm up, otherwise you can damage the ligaments and joints. For warm-up uses a restorative exercises without weights. Particular care should be taken to stretch the muscles of the legs. Do 20 slow, deep squats and 20 lifts on your toes from a standing position. Rotate each foot 10 times inward and 10 times outward. Walk 3-5 minutes in single file.
Mastering the technique of long jump with a running start. Jump is necessary to distinguish three important phases: rejection, flight and landing. Repulsion occurs one or two feet with a simultaneous swing of the arms forward-upward. You should begin sharply, "with a Bang". During flight legs bent at the knees pull to your chest. Before landing, the knees are carried forward. The landing is on both feet, on the heel or the entire foot. Knees bent, hands in front. In any case it is impossible to land on straight legs - so you can injure your knees. For training use gym mats or a pit of sand. First used separately for each phase of the jump, then try to merge specific skills in the full jump.
Strengthen your leg muscles. The stronger your legs are, the stronger you will be able to perform repulsion. To develop strength perform the following exercises twice a week:
- squatting with a barbell of medium weight. The average weight of 50-60% of maximum. The number of repetitions to 6-8. Do 4-5 sets;

- lifting on socks with the weights (barbell, dumbbells) - 4 sets of 10-12 reps

- lunges with weights - 3-4 sets of 10-12 times. Do lunges alternating right and left leg back to starting position.
For the development of speed-power qualities do different types of jumps:
- jumping on the platform (bench or pommel horse). Gradually increase the height of the jump;

- jumping up from the full squat position;

- running jumps. One leg is bent forward, and after the repulsion rectified ago, as in long jump with a running start;

triple jump in length. Starting position – standing, feet on width of shoulders. Once the jump on the right leg, two jump on the left foot, three – land on both feet.

Advice 2: How to learn to jump in volleyball

Jump high in volleyball is one of the most effective and efficient elements of the game. Fortunately, there is a special volleyball jump. The technique of the jump speed is the same for volleyball and basketball, and parkour, and even for rhythmic gymnastics. In short, for any sport where you need strong legs and the ability at the right time hard to push off and fly as high as possible, slightly helping himself with his hands. The program of exercises to improve jumping ability is the same.
How to learn to jump in volleyball
You will need
  • - rod;
  • - platform height of 55-60 cm;
  • - platform height of 15-20 cm;
  • - dumbbell weighing 1.5 kg.
It is very important to practice the technique of jumping up using the locking step. Otherwise, the kinetic energy continues to make the body forward and jump up is not high enough.
Make a wide step forward jog leg, when the leg knee slightly bent, body slightly forward. After this short step, the "sleeping" leg, foot takes place a little inside, and the whole body is slightly rotated towards the leg. At the same time both hands in parallel are assigned as before. Then the shock foot, do a side step-push with jumping up. At this point, hands go up too sharply and help to push the case. Having mastered the steps, follow the jump move, trying to touch the hands of the famous landmark nets, basketball hoops, marks on the vertical wall. Produce touch alternately right hand, left hand or two hands at the same time.
Bend your knees and grasp the barbell grip on top. Hands are placed on the fretboard a little wider than shoulder width. Keep your back straight. Just keep blades and arch your lower back. Straighten your legs and stand up. Repeat the exercise 6-8 times. Rest for 30 seconds and move on to the second exercise.
Stand up straight. Hands are freely lowered along the body. In each hand a dumbbell. Sit on your heels. Do not round back, look straight ahead. From the deep squat position you jump as high as possible. Land gently on bent legs. Without stopping, again descend into a low squat and repeat. Make 8 jumps. Rest 3 minutes and repeat the set of two exercises again.
Stand straight face to a stable bench or high platform. Hands lift up, then move them back, as if for a swing, at the same time bend the body and squat. Throwing his hands forward, jump onto the bench. You will go down. Run 6-8 jumps. Rest for 30 seconds and move on to the next exercise.
Stand up straight. Conveniently put the barbell on your shoulders. Grip the stamp grip on top. Slightly bend your knees and slightly rotten back in the lower back. Slowly bend forward, so the body became parallel to the floor. Sit up. Perform 8 repetitions. Rest three minutes and repeat the set of the third and fourth exercises again.
Stand right side to the low platform. To the right of the platform at a distance of 60-70 cm put a light dumbbell. Pushing off with both feet, jump sideways over the platform. Landing between the platform and the dumbbell, quickly sit down and lift the dumbbell. Now jump with the dumbbell back. Put the dumbbell in the other hand and put it on the ground to his left. Jump across the platform. Go back, sit down quickly and lift a dumbbell. Repeat jumps and climbs at a fast pace for 30 seconds. Squats should be deep, and sharp jumps. Only work legs, do not round back and don't look away. Rest for 30 seconds and go to jump from a high platform.
Stand on the high platform. Make a strong swing the arms and jump down. Do not delay, push off with two feet and you jump as high as you can, pulling your knees to your chest. Back to the platform. Perform 10-12 jumps. Rest three minutes and repeat the set of the fifth and sixth exercises.
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