Do the workout. Training in any sport should begin with a warm up, otherwise you can damage the ligaments and joints. For warm-up uses a restorative exercises without weights. Particular care should be taken to stretch the muscles of the legs. Do 20 slow, deep squats and 20 lifts on your toes from a standing position. Rotate each foot 10 times inward and 10 times outward. Walk 3-5 minutes in single file.
Mastering the technique of long jump with a running start. Jump is necessary to distinguish three important phases: rejection, flight and landing. Repulsion occurs one or two feet with a simultaneous swing of the arms forward-upward. You should begin sharply, "with a Bang". During flight legs bent at the knees pull to your chest. Before landing, the knees are carried forward. The landing is on both feet, on the heel or the entire foot. Knees bent, hands in front. In any case it is impossible to land on straight legs - so you can injure your knees. For training use gym mats or a pit of sand. First used separately for each phase of the jump, then try to merge specific skills in the full jump.
Strengthen your leg muscles. The stronger your legs are, the stronger you will be able to perform repulsion. To develop strength perform the following exercises twice a week:
- squatting with a barbell of medium weight. The average weight of 50-60% of maximum. The number of repetitions to 6-8. Do 4-5 sets;

- lifting on socks with the weights (barbell, dumbbells) - 4 sets of 10-12 reps

- lunges with weights - 3-4 sets of 10-12 times. Do lunges alternating right and left leg back to starting position.
For the development of speed-power qualities do different types of jumps:
- jumping on the platform (bench or pommel horse). Gradually increase the height of the jump;

- jumping up from the full squat position;

- running jumps. One leg is bent forward, and after the repulsion rectified ago, as in long jump with a running start;

triple jump in length. Starting position – standing, feet on width of shoulders. Once the jump on the right leg, two jump on the left foot, three – land on both feet.