The easiest and very effective way to use weights. You should start with the belt. But there is one "but" - to run such a unit on the body not quite convenient. Yes, and not safe. Because thanks to the belt, increasing the mass of the athlete, which in turn increases its kinetic energy while driving. This is, firstly, reduces the maneuverability and mobility of the player, and secondly, in the collision injury will be more serious.
It is in order that no one was hurt, even basketball players, wearing the weight belt, you should get to play volleyball. What is the fundamental superiority of this game before basketball? It does not need to run a lot, and the risk of collision of players is minimized. And given the fact that the grid is stretched pretty high, players will often jump to catch the flying ball.
It contributes to the development of the leg muscles, hip, back, waist and abs. Plus develops endurance of the players. When such weight aggregates are removed, make high jumps will be much easier, because the muscles will have time to get used to the weight which they had added a belt.