Jump starts with groups: the knees bend, the body leans forward. Next, begin to work the muscles of the back (bottom) of the trapezoidal and the widest muscles. At the same time begin to operate the front muscles of the thighs – the quadriceps. They boost the body in the leg extension. Finally, the calf, the soleus muscle, small muscles of the foot going into work in the end. The sequence obtained is this: the back, thigh and calf.
Definitely need to develop the muscles of the arms, shoulders, back, chest and abs. They improve the sharpness of movements and coordination. You will help regular push-UPS, load on the chest and triceps and pull-UPS that develop the back and biceps. Enough to do them in 4-5 sets, gradually increasing the number of push-UPS to pull-UPS and 50-70 – 20-30. If you are more serious, visit the gym a couple times a week. You can do bench press, then pullups wide grip, exercise with a barbell and bench because of the head in a sitting position. All this is done 8-10 times in 5 sets.
Training of the hip muscles is the fastest way to increase jump. This will help you squats. Better to do partial squats, not to accidentally damage the meniscus. Warm up before training. First, you can do ten regular squats, a few dips, Jogging on the spot. This is very important, especially in winter. When you start to squat with a heavy barbell, get elastic bandages for strapping the knee, and a belt for the back. Squats are done in 4-5 sets of 10-12 times.
Of jumping exercises can distinguish jumps from a full squat ("frog"), jumping from position one leg on the floor, the second on the chair with alternating change legs in a jump (step-UPS), sprints (running up and down the 30 meters in each direction).
Caviar can be called "stubborn" muscles. Since their weight is increasing hard. But they quickly recovered, and therefore they can be trained up to 4-5 times a week. The best calf exercise to increase jump are lifting on socks (required with weighting). Several options: on one or on both feet, with the elevation, or just on the new floor.
And the explosive power of the calf can develop any jumping exercises. The only exercises these should be done by a lot. It is also useful to first hop 100 times on one foot, then the same on the other. This is a serious load.