You will need
  • - application for state registration of possession of the land object and the related transactions (made in local Department of the Federal registration service);
  • - agreement of purchase and sale of land in three copies with signatures of seller and buyer;
  • - documents of title to the land;
  • - originals and copies of passports of the buyer and the seller;
  • - the two sides signed an act of transfer of land;
  • receipt about payment of state duty (original and copy).
  • - cadastral plan of the site.
Decide what purpose you are going to acquire the land. If you are interested in permanent residence outside the city, pay attention to the areas where it already has all communications: Sewerage, electricity, gas. If the land is needed only as a vegetable garden and a place for a weekend break, and you don't plan to build a house, you can purchase inexpensive land with no amenities.
Start to choose real estate Agency. Professional consultants will help you in proper execution of the necessary documents, find suitable sites, conduct to them for inspection. These services are paid, but the Board often divided in half between buyer and seller or even completely paid for by the owner of the land. Choose only proven companies long operating in the market. Be sure to check work permits and statutory documents.
Contract with the Agency for the sale, after which it will start searching the ground. Immediately discuss all the necessary details for save your time. Name the area in which you wish to plot, number of acres, utilities available, etc.
Check the documentation on your vending site. Ask the owner to present the certificate of ownership, passport to land and cadastral plan. Make sure there are no any encumbrances, which include passing through the gas route, overhead power lines, protected area of forest or water body, etc., otherwise it may severely limit the use of the allotment. If the area has buildings that require a certificate and possession of them. Ask to see the receipt of payment for utilities.
Refer to the Federal registration service and provide the employees the necessary documents to the authority. The service's offices are located in all regions. The main paper should convey to the owner of the land, the buyer need only be present and have a valid passport.