You will need
  • Asus laptop with integrated webcam.
Among the other models of this manufacturer there are also display issues on the screen of the camera image: it either does not, or is displayed in a dark color. Radical solution — change or adjustment of the camera. Under the setting refers to unmount the camera and turn 180 degrees. The procedure is quite complicated, but if you do not help the driver is the only way.
But to put any video driver would be a big mistake, because for each type of cameras there are certain software and control files. First of all, you need to find out the ID of the camera. With the help of a monitoring system connected devices you can easily find out the ID.
Regardless of the version of the installed operating system, you need to open "control Panel" from "start menu" and trigger "device Manager" from the applet "system Properties". In the opened window select the desired device and from the context menu click Properties. Navigate to the Details tab and copy the ID of the current equipment.
Go to download drivers, the link to which is provided in the "Additional sources", and check the copied ID into a specific cell. Once you find the desired value, scroll down the page and download the driver you need. In the file save dialog box, specify the directory and press the "Save" button or press Enter.
Install the software and reboot your laptop. Turn any application that works with a webcam to verify we get the picture. If the picture remains the same, it makes sense to contact the technical support or service center. Also do not forget about you download alternative drivers on the official website.