You will need
  • The Program Skype.
First of all, check the connection of your webcam with the computer, and also determines whether its Skype. To do this, run the program by double-clicking the icon on the desktop and try to call someone from your contact list. To check the volume of your voice with microphone, press the call button for the call Echo (test contact).
If the camera you are found, go to "device Manager" and check for lines with the name of the webcam. To access this application, click the right mouse button on the icon "My computer" and click on the same row. In the absence of installed drivers and try to install them from the disk or download from the official website.
Then go to the program, click menu "Tools" and select "settings". In the opened window go to "video Settings". In the window that appears click on the "Configure webcam".
In the opened settings window, the images obtained with the web-enabled device, find the lines Image Mirror Flip (mirror picture) and Vertical Image Flip (mirroring the image). Select the desired option by checking the box next to this item and press "OK" to close the window and save the changes.
Check the result of the changes in the "video Settings". Navigate to it and look for the box that displays the status of your web-enabled device. If changes are observed, close the program and restart.
In some cases, it is recommended to update the configuration files for the webcam, it will require a reboot. Press the Power button on the keyboard and select "Restart" or use the default applet off computer in the start menu. After loading the computer, start Skype and verify the change.