Make sure the camera is connected to computer and works. Select the "Computer" icon, press Alt+Enter opens properties window of computer. On the right side click "device Manager". If the camera does not work even though plugged in, install the drivers that come with the device itself, or download them from official website manufacturer.
Interface and language Skype depends on what settings you use. Locate the "Tools" (Tools), click on the setup tab (Options) and select "video Setup" (Video settings). In the opened window click the "Configure webcam".
In the window that will be to fine-tune the images coming from the webcam. The options menu depends on the camera manufacturer. Find the setting "Horizontal reflection" (Horizontal Flip/ Image Flip Horizontal) so that the image reflected from the top down, or "Vertical mirror"( Vertical Flip/Vertical Flip Image) to reflect the left-to-right. Save settings – click OK, close the window. Restart Skype. In "video Settings" there is a small window that displays the image from the camera, check whether the changed image.
To save the settings in Skype, you may need to restart the computer. Make a reboot, let's see if this achieves the result. If you changed the camera position and you need to revert to the default settings, or set a new one – do it the same way. Also set the image of the web camera you can in the software under "Settings/Options" (Options) or by clicking on the icon of a wrench.