The first method is the use of software for working with video Vegas Pro. Install this program and load the video file you want to deploy. Then look at the panel tool Event Pan/Crop and click on it to open a window where you can expand the entry.
Enhance videos with the scroller of your mouse. Click on the video and hold down the mouse rotate video 90 degrees in the desired direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise.
To view the video in this program, open the menu section Rotation Angle and specifying the rotation angle in the settings manually. The program will show you a dotted frame the area that the video will be visible after rotation.
Turning the recording, adjust the proportions of her window. Align the upper and lower bounds, pulling them free of the mouse button. To maintain proportions while resizing to stretch or bring along the lateral borders, hold down the Ctrl key.
The second way to rotate the video file using Virtual Dub. The program is free, takes up very little space, and it is easy to find online, download and install it on your computer. Run Virtual Dub and open the desired file.
Then in the Video menu, select Compression section and specify the type of compression (e.g., DivX). Go to the Audio menu and also open the Compression section, specifying the type of audio compression (MP3).
Now in the Video menu, open the Filters section. This opens an empty window in which you need to click the Add button and select Rotate from the list of filters. Specify the degree of rotation (90 clockwise or counterclockwise), and then click OK and save the resulting video to the correct format.