You will need
  • Windows 7 or Vista.
If the laptop is running Windows 7 or Vista, use one of the sections "control Panel , which contains controls for resolution and orientation of the image on the screen. To access it, open the main menu of the operating system by clicking the mouse on the button "start or by pressing one of the buttons Win on the laptop keyboard. In menu, select "control Panel - it is placed in the right column, if your system uses the default settings. In the window that opens, system component, click on the link "adjusting the screen resolution under "appearance and personalization .
You can reach the desired section "the control Panel other ways. For example, press the Windows key and type with keyboard "ori . In the drop-down main menu list will appear with the results of the internal search engine of Windows. The first link in this list is "the change in the orientation of the screen - click on it with the mouse or just press the Enter key. Another way is to use screen Resolution "from the context menu that POPs up when you click on the background - "Wallpaper - desktop.
All three listed ways open the same section "control Panel , which has a drop-down list next to "Orientation - open it. Select "Landscape inverted and press OK or "Apply . The image on the screen is rotated by 180°, and the OS displays a dialog box that asks whether to save the display changes - click "Save changes . If you do not have time for 15 seconds to deal with the management of inverted mouse cursor, put it on this button and click with the left mouse button, the system will cancel the changes and bring the screen orientation to the previous position. Of course, you can retry unlimited number of times. When the procedure is complete, close the window "from the Windows control Panel.