To turn the image on the picture, open it with a program to work with pictures. Programs that enable you to deploy the image very much. This including the Windows built-in viewer images, and well-known means of image processing: ACDSee, FastStone Image, IrfanView and many others. If you have used the program IrfanView, open the picture, go to menu “Image” and select the direction of deployment. In addition to standard turns left and right, and reflections across vertical and horizontal, you can ask and own rotation angle. Then you can save the resulting image as a separate file.
In order to rotate the image in the movie during playback, open the file using The KMPlayer player. Press during playback anywhere on the screen, right-click in the opened menu, select "Video (Basic)" and the following list is a "screen Rotation". Next, specify the angle of rotation that you need.
You can also rotate the image using the monitor settings. To do this go to control Panel and open the Settings of the display. Log in to advanced settings by clicking "Advanced" button. Usually the adapter settings that can deploy an image located on the tab containing the name of the manufacturer of the video card installed in your computer. Tab with these settings you need to choose these options, allowing to make turn the picture on the monitor. For example, for Intel Graphics you need to go to the additional menu "Graphic settings" and clicking on the "Parameters" tab, put the appropriate checkbox next to the desired rotation angle of the screen and click "Apply". The image will be rotated.