First you need to make sure that the camera is working properly. First of all, make sure that the system it determined. If not, use the software that comes with the camera or download it from official website manufacturer. When the camera will be determined by a system tray message will appear.
Start the software, locate the "Settings/Options" (Options) or click on the icon of a wrench. The interface and functionality of the software depends on the model and manufacturer of the camera. Set the desired video options. Maybe there you will find a paragraph, which outputs image in the mirror. Save the changes by pressing the OK button.
If no such function, enable Skype. In the menu click "Tools", then "settings". A window will open in which you need to select "video Settings". In the new window, click "Configure webcam".
The opened window contains the menu settings of the web camera. Menu these options also does not depend on Skype, it depends on the model and manufacturer of the camera. Look for the settings "Horizontal reflection" (Horizontal Flip) and the "Vertical reflection" (Vertical Flip). Select the desired option and save by pressing OK button.
In the "video Settings", you can check the result. If the changes didn't take effect restart Skype.
Sometimes to save the changes, restart is required. Run it through the panel "start" or using the Reset button on the system unit. After reboot, verify whether the changed parameters of the video display. Similarly, you can reset or change the parameter of the reflection, if you change the position of the web camera.