You will need
  • - a table lamp;
  • - Scotch;
  • - tracing;
  • program WebcamMax.
One of the common problems distorted image transmission - bluish hue of the face, which is unlikely to appeal to your interlocutor in the chat, because it gives you a dark look. This problem occurs due to the lack of light coming from the monitor of the computer you are using, which can distort the transmitted image. What color dominates on the desktop, this will be painted your face. To eliminate this undesirable effect, turn on a bright Desk lamp or floor lamp.
If the image of your face turns white as a sheet of paper, then the lamp is too bright or does not have the function of reducing the light output. To diffuse the light, attach a sheet of tracing paper with tape on the lamp. Due to this, the face will have a natural color, and lighting will be more soft. To slightly dim the lights, try to throw shade is a sheer, lightweight fabric. If your Desk is next to a bright wall, you can reduce the brightness of the bulb, unscrewing it from the face and pointing at the wall.
Suppose you did everything correctly, but the color of the face somehow turned crimson. This can occur because of the automatic exposure settings of the camera, which selects the radius of the bright spot and identifies it as "white". All the other colors, it sets on this basis. Therefore, if the radius of visibility of a camera is not present white color, other colors are significantly distorted. To fix this, put on a white blouse (sweater, shirt, t-shirt) and you will look "on all hundred".
If you spend much time reading or sitting at a computer and wear glasses, the following advice might also come in handy. To reduce glare from glasses reflecting the monitor, lower the monitor brightness in the settings of the computer to 25-30 percent. In 5 minutes you'll get used to a little darkened desktop and your companion (or companion) will finally be able to see the color and expression of your eyes.
To further improve the quality of broadcast video, you can use the program WebcamMax - This program has the function of improving image/video and various effects to connect with friends. It can be used in chat rooms (when communicating via Skype, ICQ), and in the browser.