You will need
  • Nokia Phoenix.
First try to reset your mobile phone using the standard functions of this device. Open the main menu of the mobile device and select "Settings".
Find the option "Restore default settings" and activate it. After some time, will appear the input box code. If you didn't change the standard security code, enter the number 12345. You can also specify the password value in the user to the mobile phone.
Click Ok to confirm the entered code. Wait until it has finished resetting the phone. The device will restart automatically.
To reset device settings you can also use special service codes. Remove the phone sim card and a flash drive. If you want to reset only the settings of the device, enter *#7780# and press the call button.
In that case, when you need to completely remove all superfluous information and applications, enter the service code *#7370#. Be careful about keeping important information located in memory.
If your mobile phone does not turn on, try reset it by pressing the desired key combination. Hold down the following buttons: "Send challenge", the number 3, and "star". Now click on the switch apparatus.
In that situation, when you want to reset the password, the query which appears when you turn on the device, use the Nokia Phoenix. It allows you to run the firmware off of the device.
Connect your phone to the computer and install the drivers, several times turning on and turning off the device. Run Nokia Phoenix and activate the mode, No Connection. Download file firmware, extract it from the archive.
Update the firmware of the mobile phone. In this situation it is better to use the version of the software that is currently installed.