You will need
  • technical digital codes Nokia 5800;
  • program Nokia PC Suite;
  • - USB cable and a computer.
Before you reset all settings of Nokia 5800 with a custom factory, make sure that was made "backup" phone. You must save all important data on the computer. If package was not included CD software, you need to get online and download the Nokia PC Suite program. It is worth to pay attention to the version of this program. Better to download the latest modification, as only in this case, you can be sure that the phone will be determined by the software installed correctly, and the exchange of data between the computer and the device will be in normal mode.
Before performing restore factory settings the phone get an external micro SD card. It is not required. However, many experts pay attention to occurs after a factory reset the problems associated with formatting the external memory card. In some cases the map was not determined by the phone and computer. Therefore, its future use had to resort to formatting the micro SD card through a special reader, with the result that all user data were lost.
Immediately before the reset, charge the device battery. Any violation in the power-resetting your phone will result in a mandatory visit service center.
Restore the factory settings of the phone using a special code. Dial *#7370# and agree with the request to phone about formatting. Wait for it to complete the restore procedure. Sometimes, to confirm the Nokia 5800 may request the verification code. If this code had not previously been specifically changed by the user, by default you need to dial the digits 12345 .
Pay attention to the fact that there are two ways to restore factory settings of Nokia. The first of these involves the action through the menu and is called soft reset or a "soft reset". Press "Menu", then select "Settings", "phone", "Original settings". The reset will happen in this case, "soft", that is not affected by user data. However, very often the custom installation are the cause of failures in the system. This means that the problem even after restoring the original settings of the device will not be solved.