The abundance of features and capabilities of this phone allows you to use it in different occasions. Nokia 5800 can be used as a camera or camcorder, removing the brightest and most significant events of your life. Also it can be used to watch favorite movies and videos. This mobile phone supports the most popular communication standards to make it easier to communicate with loved ones.

To know the phone lock code nokia 5800, turn on phone and dial the following combination on the keyboard *#7370#, then hit “call”.
Next, you must come to the notice, which will set the lock code nokia 5800. If not, go to voice menu and under “Settings” select “lock code”.
If you are even following this instruction failed to learn the code, contact your mobile operator, which will try to solve your problem in no time. According to many users of nokia 5800, the standard code locks are digital sets 0000, 4444, 12345, 1111. Use each of these passwords is likely one of them has to go and you will get access to your phone.
Lock Nokia 5800 basically need to carrying the phone in my pocket is not pressed random numbers. Cases are known, when so sent SMS and phone calls were carried out, and from the user's account was filmed money. Therefore, always lock the keyboard of your phone, and you will save yourself not only from unnecessary spending, but also from unauthorized access by intruders. Beregite your mobile phone from mechanical shocks and impacts, thus you will be able to save a lot of funds at its unscheduled repair.