You will need
  • - bleach; oxygen bleach; powder; hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.
Resort to the help of modern stain removers if the socks are elements of decor of a different color. Use the tool depending on the manufacturer's instructions. Do not add more than necessary to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you use a stain remover in powder form, dissolve it thoroughly in warm water.
Refresh the color of white socks can be oxygen bleach. If the products are pronounced stains, soak them in the solution. Then add in an amplifier of detergent in the compartment for the main wash. Bleach socks at too high a temperature to avoid shrinkage.
Dissolved in 3-5 liters of water 2 tablespoons "Percale" or "White" (dry powder in bags of chlorine free). Add about 100 g of powder. Soak the socks overnight in this solution in the morning be sure to wash them thoroughly otbrosit. Already from the first time products will become much whiter and fresher in appearance.
Add a few liters of water 3 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide 1 tablespoon ammonia. In the received solution soak socks for 12-20 hours. Then wash them in the washing machine, and even better - hand.
If nothing helped wash and bleach the socks, nothing remains as to boil them in a strong solution of powder (1,5-2 dose) with the addition of stain remover. In an extreme case, contact the dry cleaner. There you bleach socks professional substances.