Whitening ked with hand washing takes more time than washing in the machine. But the first way is safer for canvas, which is made of traditional sneakers, and a drum machine. Therefore, in order to avoid problems with equipment or shoes, use the manual way of whitening sneakers.
Bleach only with clean shoes. Apply a DAB of liquid soap or shampoo on an old toothbrush with soft bristles and wipe the surface of sneakers, then rinse them with hot water. Do not use washing powder or soap, as the yellow streaks and dull spots will be even greater. Well dry the sneakers in the air in a vertical position.
Then slightly moisten a sponge or soft cloth with water, apply a small amount of toothpaste without colored stripes and patches. RUB the paste into the tarnished surface of the Shoe, then wipe off excess with a dry sponge or a clean face cloth. This method can be called traditional, as it was used few decades ago, however, instead of toothpaste sneakers clean tooth powder. By the way, paste or powder can be bleached, not only the fabric surface of the Shoe, but yellowed sole and toe cap.
A more modern way of bleaching tarnished ked – use paint for shoes. It can be found in any specialty Shoe store in which, among other things, sell and sneakers. The advantages of this whitening is that it is economical and simple cons – small cash expenses. Apply the whitening solution only to clean the shoes. Since the paint for shoes is available in different consistencies (spray, cream), universal method of its application is not. Therefore, carefully read the user manual or consult your dealer.