Ways to whiten socks

Whitening baby body, use gentle products. For example, instead of a powerful bleach take boric acid. Dissolve 1-2 tbsp of the substance in 10 liters of water. Put in a solution of white socks or tights for 2 hours. After this time, simply wash things.

Our grandparents washed soap. You can also try this tool: it should be marked "spots". Before the main wash soap is wet socks and let them soak for a couple of hours. Then wash it in the machine. If stains do not go away, try rubbing them with a brush.

Socks can be bleached with hydrogen peroxide. Dissolve in 10 l of hot water 2 tbsp hydrogen peroxide and 1 tbsp ammonia. Soak the socks in the solution a few hours and then wash. This method is suitable for white clothes with a grayish tinge from the long socks.

If dirty socks are not amenable to, boil them in water with lemon. Pour into a large pot of water and toss it in the lemon slices. To 1 liter of water, use 1 big slice of lemon. Boil water for 5 minutes, then remove the lemon. Put in this water washed the socks and boil them 25 minutes. Then remove and press. Things will have a pleasant lemon scent: rinsing them is not necessary. This method is suitable only for cotton socks. For synthetic and wool it is better to use ordinary soap.

If all attempts to wash socks fail, use a mixture of washing powder and dry or liquid dishwashing detergent. Dissolve these substances in water and wash socks. Do not try to make a very large concentration of a substance, otherwise you run the risk of losing socks.

When washing in machine, use a regular mustard. But add 50 grams of the substance is not in the compartment for powder, and directly into the drum. If socks are very dirty, apply mustard to your trouble spots. Maximum temperature when washing should be +40. If the water is too hot, mustard powder is simply cooked in it. Soda is gentle bleach. Use a quarter Cup to a basin of hot water.

How to care for white socks

White socks should be washed after each wear. It is impossible to give the child to wear them a few times in a row. After that it will be very difficult to get rid of dust and stains on the socks.

If you use a powerful stain removers strictly follow the instructions. Do not increase the amount on a whim. You will not get the best result. If the instructions require soaking, do so in warm water. So the bleach penetrates better into the fabric.

Keep white socks in a separate compartment or on a separate shelf. Regularly do the cleaning in the closet.