You will need
  • "White" (chlorine tablets), hydrogen peroxide, washing powder, soda, ammonia, blue
Pour in a basin of warm water. Add a 30ml "White" and a little washing powder. Dirty thing entirely immersed in this solution and keep there for half an hour. After this time a white thing should be rinsed in running water and dry well.
There is no less effective, way of whitening. In an enamel pan pour five or six liters of water. Add to 20 ml of hydrogen peroxide and four tablespoons of baking soda. Immerse contaminated thing in this solution and boil for one hour. Then also opolaskivaniem in running water and dry.
In a solution of water, ammonia and baking soda can also whiten our stained thing by boiling on low heat for at least two hours. Next, you need to rinse the thing under running water and dry.
As to the clothing to give a delightful white, completely lower it in a weak solution of Indigo for ten minutes. Then re-rinse the thing under running water and dry.