You will need
  • - boiling water,
  • - stain remover
  • - liquid powder,
  • - potassium permanganate,
  • - vinegar,
  • -hydrogen peroxide,
  • - white.
Most often, the baby's clothing stains from food. And the most difficult to display signs of berries and juice, but if the stain is fresh, it is possible to cope with the task will fail. This can be done using a conventional boiling water. Boil two liters three water-stained thing pull over capacity (just pull and not put it in a bowl) and pour boiling water over the contaminated place until, until the stain is gone. If thing small, then just put it in the sink and also pour the boiling water pollution.
To bring the old stain from the juice, you can use modern tools to remove stains. In the lines of baby detergents have bleach. It is best to sprinkle or pour onto soiled surface a little money, wait a few minutes and then wash with baby powder. Washes are often well ingrained in the fabric mud soap.
To remove the most persistent stains it is better to use the grandmother's method: potassium permanganate, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, cotton pads. Dissolve a few crystals of potassium permanganate in vinegar (the solution has to be beet color, make sure the crystals are completely dissolved. Soak a cotton pad in the solution and RUB them a spot. Don't worry - the fabric is a bit darkened. Clean cotton pad soaked in hydrogen peroxide again RUB the stained place – the fabric is discolored. Note that this magic method is suitable only white or firmly-painted things.
Grass stains. Scrub fabric liquid detergent with enzymes. Wait a bit, then rinse under running hot water.
Stains from sauces and ketchup. Rinse the contaminated area on the fabric inside out under cold running water. To spot has not spread, you can put under the fabric of cotton or linen napkin, then it will soak into the substrate. Initially treat with liquid detergent, if necessary, brush the top layer of dirt but do not RUB. After the substance is absorbed, rinse with water. If not, put the baby thing in warm water for thirty minutes, and repeat the procedure again.
For the most persistent stains on white things or white fabric with a printed pattern you can use radical means - white. Simply add in accordance with the instructions on the packaging and soak the thing or pour on the stain. Just be sure to thereafter wash the clothes and rinse thoroughly to avoid the smell of bleach.