Measure waist recommended without underwear, especially if you want to buy tight formfitting jeans or a skirt. It is also better to remove the high-heeled shoes, to have your natural posture.
For measurements more convenient to use centimeters. Well, if it will be marked with two scales – centimeters and inches. So you can see for Russian and imported items. But if the cm was not there, do not worry – we can take any rigid tape or string, wrap it around your waist and mark the length. Then measure it with any ruler.
Sometimes the position of waist is determined based on the position of the navel. If you have a slim waistline and navel on the level is about halfway between the edge of the hip bones and lower ribs, then you can measure there. But keep in mind that the position of the waist of the person depends on its anatomical structure, and it can be slightly above or below. More correctly measure the waist at the narrowest point.
The bottleneck in most cases, can visually identify. Stand in front of a mirror, straighten up, and you will see where to place the measuring tape. Just try that it is parallel to the floor.
Pull the stomach in conducting the measurements do not need to, because your task is to determine the correct size and not to deceive their own vision or ego. The tape should lie closely, but don't crash into the body. It is necessary, that it could fit two fingers.
To determine the exact location of the waist is also using thin elastic. Tie it on the belt, walk a little, bend. And soon it will be where you need it. If you measure the waist in men with bulky abdomen, place a tape measure approximately three centimetres above the edge of the femur, and ahead – at the most protruding point of the abdomen. Tight to pull the tape impossible. This measurement is suitable for the purchase of jackets and coats. If you need to determine the size of the pants, measure the waist at waist level.
Measure waist possible and existing, well-fitting for yourself. To do this, take your favorite pants or skirt, put them in front of him on the table, the pre-buttoned the button, and measure the belt. Tape attach between the extreme points at the bottom of the belt through the button. The result of the measurement, multiply by two. This will be the waist.
When buying jeans know your size of waist is particularly important. On the label it is indicated with a letter "W". If you already know Russian, waist size, subtract from it the number 16 and get the number that we need to look for on the label. For example, if you wear a size 48 pants, you need to buy jeans with a waist size 32. Of course, this is the case, if you like loose-fitting or tight jeans. But if you need to, so they sit you in a slinky, from the numbers that you have measured, subtract one. In your case, look for jeans with a waist size 31.