You will need
  • Tailoring tape / measuring tape
  • Paper
  • Handle
  • Calculator
Both men and women to find out your exact size. use tailor's tape or roulette. Undress and measure first the waist, then the hips, for women and waist for men. Women usually know where their waist. Where the curves of their body is the most expressive, or at the navel line. Men waist where usually takes place the waistband of their pants. Write down these measurements.
Now women should measure the circumference under the chest on the inhale and girth of the chest at the most protruding part. Write down these numbers. Subtract from the higher value a lower and you will be able to know the Cup size of your bra.
Men need to know your precise size, you should also measure the growth.
Move on to the sizing. Let's start with the women. Sizes may vary not only in different countries but in different companies, so every time is best to check individually. Do not change only the principle. When buying panties we find the desired column, focusing on the waist size and leg size in centimeters or inches. One inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters. If the waist size fits in one size and hips another, we orientirueshsya on hips.
To choose the right bra, you need to round the underbust girth to a multiple of five, in a big way. And to know the Cup size, as mentioned subtracted from the bust girth under the chest. If the difference is equal to the number of 11 to 13, the size of your Cup And, from 13 to 15 V. between 15 and 17 is Cup size C. D correspond to the number of 17 to 19, and DD from 19 to 21. Accordingly, E is a suitable range of 21 to 23.
Men's size shorts, swimming trunks, boxers, and other bottom of linen shall be determined in accordance with the rise and waist size. While swim trunks and underpants are bought in size, and the shorts and boxers a size larger.