You will need
  • meter to measure growth
Measure the height from head to toe, without shoes. If it differs from the above in the system, then round to the nearest digit (up or down, respectively).
Measure your chest: measuring tape circle around the chest at the outermost points, the tape should be tight, but do not tighten. Check that it was positioned parallel to the floor.
Measure the waist: determine visually the narrowest part of the abdomen, tight circle around him the measuring tape, keep the natural state of the stomach, it is not necessary it neither to pull nor to inflate.
Measure hips: measure at the most protruding points like the previous volume, not tightening, but tight enough.
Russia women and men sizes are defined as follows: bust divide by 2. That is, if your girth is 88 cm, this corresponds to a 44 size. However, the size ofs are only even, therefore, if necessary, round to the nearest higher or lower taking into account of his physique and model clothes. In addition, for clothes made in Russia there is the following gradation in growth and an approximate match for the sizeof am: I - 158 cm - p. 40-42, II - 164 cm - R. 42-44, III - 170 cm - p. 44-46, IV - 176 cm - p. 46-48, V - 182 cm - p. 48-50, VI - 188 cm - R. 50-52, VII - 194 cm - p. 52-54.
When ordering German women's clothing catalogs, pay attention to the lettering near the size of theAMI:
letter K - for the growth of 160 cm, letter N - increase from 165 to 172 cm, letter L - height greater than 172 cm
For American clothing, designed for men high growth, as a letter is sometimes added the letter T (MT, XLT). Different countries have different system the size ofs and sizes, their approximate ratio you will find in the tables posted on many sites. In determining compliance with the volume and sizes, guided by a larger volume or on one that is fundamental for this type of clothing.