You will need
  • centimeter;
  • paper;
  • - handle.
So, to determine women clothing size, you will need to take three measurements: bust, waist and hips. Take measurements better without the extra clothing, e.g. underwear. Keep in mind that the measurement should not be used stretched the old measuring tape. When removing measurements the tape should fit snugly enough to the body, but not to pull together it not to SAG. Thus, you will get the most correct and accurate results.
To start, measure the circumference of your chest. The tape must pass through the protruding point of the breast and back of the blades. Record the result on paper not to forget it.
Putting chest in Russia has always been considered a dimension: for example, the chest girth equal 84cm, fits clothing size 42, bust 88cm – size clothing 44. Unfortunately, this is not the exact ratio, because it often meet girls, for example, with a large bust and narrow hips or Vice versa, small Breasts, but a tight waist, therefore, to determine the exact size of clothes should also measure waist and hips.
The waist is measured at the most narrow part of the waist. To take the measurement tape around the waist and look at the result of the measurement. Write it down to remember.
To measure the girth of the thighs, move the tape horizontal through the most convex part of the hips to the rear and lock the front. Also write down the result.
Now, after you found out your options, compare them with the dimension table: the 40th 42nd 44th 46th 48th 50th 52nd 54th 56th 58th 60th bust 80cm 84cm 88cm 92cm 96cm 100cm 104cm 110cm 116cm 122cm 128смОбхват waist 62cm 66cm 70cm 74cm 78cm 82cm 86cm 92cm 98cm 104cm 110смОбхват hips 86cm 90cm 94cm 98cm 102cm 106cm 110cm 116cm 122cm 128cm 134cm
Size men's clothing is measured a little differently. In the same way as in the first case, it is considered that the size of clothes for men is poluobhvat chest. It works for sweaters and jackets, but may not be suitable for trousers or pants, so it is recommended to measure not only the bust, and the waist (natural waistline) and growth. Measurements are made similar, size chart for men next: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62Обхват chest 88cm 92cm 96cm 100cm 104cm 108cm 112cm 116cm 120cm 124смОбхват waist 70cm 76cm 82cm 88cm 94cm 100cm 104cm 110cm 116cm 122cm