Advice 1: How to know size lingerie

Today lingerie has acquired the status of not just part of hygiene but also as a tool for the manifestation of sexuality. Besides, lingerie is a great gift for a loved one. But how to know the size of the beloved or favorite, if you want to surprise?
How to know size lingerie
Probably the first that comes to mind is to look at the tag on the underwear of someone you are about to bestow, and ask in the store of similar size. It would seem that everything is simple, but no. The fact that different manufacturers of underwear patterns may vary both upwards and downwards: in such cases we say that the clothes "bolshemerit" or "malomerit". So it is much safer to obtain the measurements of lingerie that is your significant other.

Below are the matching panties to size girth of the hips (contains Russian size/European size/American size):

42/ 36/ S - 90-94cm

44/ 38/ M 94-98cm

46/ 40/ L - 98-102cm

48/42/XL - 102-106cm

50/44/XXL - 102-106cm

52/46/XXXL - 110-114cm

54/48/XXXXL - 114-118cm
The task is complicated, if you are looking for a gift the girl a bra. The fact that the bra size is determined by two parameters: the girth under the bust and underbust girth circumference of the chest at the outermost points. Under the chest girth is recorded in a numeric expression, for example, 75, 80 etc Ratio of underbust girth and chest girth at the most protruding points is written in an alphabetic e.g. A, b, C, etc.

Thus, all the size of a bra is written as a combination of numeric and alphabetic выражениz, for example, 75V or 80S, etc. using a measuring tape and measure the length of bra in the part that wraps around your torso. This difficulty is not present, however, there is a need to make measurement from clasp to clasp, and not from edge to edge, so that the edges of the bra act, protecting the back of the girl from rubbing clasp. To learn bust girls around the most protruding points measure measuring tape at the level of the chest of the shirt or dress that you know that it sits on the girl's figure like a second skin. Now, given these two measurements, determine the desired bra size in the table below.

The girth under the chest 63-67cm:

Chest 77-79cm – corresponds to the size of 65A

Bust 79-81cm corresponds to the size 65B

Chest 81-83cm - corresponds to the size 65C

Chest 83-85cm - conforms to size 65D

Girth under the bust 68-72cm:

Bust 82-84cm corresponds to a size 70A

Bust 84-86cm - matches the size 70V

Bust 86-88cm - corresponds to the size 70C

Bust 88-90cm - fits size 70D

Bust 90-92cm - fits size 70S

Bust 92-94cm conforms to the size 70F

Bust 94-96cm - corresponds to the size 70G

Girth under bust 73-77cm:

Bust 87-89cm - corresponds to the size 75A

Bust 89-91cm - fits size 75B

Bust 91-93cm - corresponds to size 75C

Bust 93-95cm - fits size 75D

Bust 95-97cm - fits size 75Е

Bust 97-99cm conforms to the size 75F

Bust 99-101cm - corresponds to the size 75G

Girth under bust 78-82cm:

Bust 92-94cm conforms to the size 80A

Bust 94-96cm - corresponds to the size of 80V

Bust 96-98cm - corresponds to the size of 80S

Bust 98-100cm - fits size 80D

Bust 100-102cm conforms to the size of the 80S

Bust 102-104cm - 80F corresponds to the size

The girth of the chest 104-106cm - corresponds to the size 80G

Girth under bust 83-87cm:

Bust 97-99cm conforms to the size 85A

Bust 99-101cm corresponds to a size 85B

Bust 101-103cm - corresponds to the size 85C

Chest girth 103-105cm - fits size 85D

Bust 105-107cm conforms to the size 85E

Chest 107-109 cm - corresponds to the size 85F

Chest 109-111cm - fits size 85
As for men's underwear, in order to determine its size, use the universal table for underwear, swimming trunks, shirts and t-shirts (growth,cm/waist cm/size):








As can be seen from the above table, the main parameter that determines the size of men's underwear – waist.

Advice 2 : How to determine the size of underwear

Your underwear may be one of the most important clothing items. Ugly underwear can destroy the personal life, shapeless linen will spoil all the impression of an expensive suit or dress. If beauty is the concept of the individual, the size is universal. Define your exact size, and you will feel incomparable comfort from a well chosen bottom linen.
How to determine the size of underwear
You will need
  • Tailoring tape / measuring tape
  • Paper
  • Handle
  • Calculator
Both men and women to find out your exact size. use tailor's tape or roulette. Undress and measure first the waist, then the hips, for women and waist for men. Women usually know where their waist. Where the curves of their body is the most expressive, or at the navel line. Men waist where usually takes place the waistband of their pants. Write down these measurements.
Now women should measure the circumference under the chest on the inhale and girth of the chest at the most protruding part. Write down these numbers. Subtract from the higher value a lower and you will be able to know the Cup size of your bra.
Men need to know your precise size, you should also measure the growth.
Move on to the sizing. Let's start with the women. Sizes may vary not only in different countries but in different companies, so every time is best to check individually. Do not change only the principle. When buying panties we find the desired column, focusing on the waist size and leg size in centimeters or inches. One inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters. If the waist size fits in one size and hips another, we orientirueshsya on hips.
To choose the right bra, you need to round the underbust girth to a multiple of five, in a big way. And to know the Cup size, as mentioned subtracted from the bust girth under the chest. If the difference is equal to the number of 11 to 13, the size of your Cup And, from 13 to 15 V. between 15 and 17 is Cup size C. D correspond to the number of 17 to 19, and DD from 19 to 21. Accordingly, E is a suitable range of 21 to 23.
Men's size shorts, swimming trunks, boxers, and other bottom of linen shall be determined in accordance with the rise and waist size. While swim trunks and underpants are bought in size, and the shorts and boxers a size larger.
Useful advice
The comfort of underwear depends not only on size but also on the correct fitted model.

Advice 3 : How to determine the size of the bottom of men's underwear

Convenient and correctly chosen lingerie is not only a pledge of confidence, but also the guarantee of your health. Of course, the softness and naturalness of the fabric, the neatness of the seams true to fit - important factors for a comfortable fit of underwear, but one of the main requirements - any size.
How to determine the size of the bottom of men's underwear
You will need
  • - the tape;
  • - size chart of underwear.
Size of men's underwear can be defined in several ways. Be calculated on the basis of height and weight, but this method is fraught with many shortcomings. Usually not perfectly proportional people, therefore, it is likely that the shorts will sit on you is ridiculous, if they purchase, you will use this method. Also it should not be used with the method of measuring waist. After all, a rare man wears the pants at the waist and the circumference of the hips is not always the same as the waist, in this regard you can purchase lingerie smaller than you need.
The best way is to define the size of the bottom of men's underwear at the hips. For this you need to take a centimeter and measure the circumference of the hips at the most prominent parts of the buttocks. Now you need to remember the result and consult the table.
Typically, the size chart of men's underwear looks like this:S (46) - 98 cm,M (48) - 102 cm,L (50) - 106 cm, XL (52) - 110 cm,XXL (54) - 116 cm, XXXL (56) - 122 see Latin letters sizes listed are European sizes. Usually this marking is on imported linen. Russian manufacturers use the dimensions listed in brackets. This is a universal table, but sometimes it happens so that, for example, size "small" (S) or medium (M) of different producers differ by a few centimetres, so it is best to be guided by the tables in the size of the manufacturer, whose underwear you purchase.
If you received the result lies in the range between the two specified in the table sizes, it would be preferable to choose more. Spacious underwear much better narrow - it does not cause discomfort and friction. But it should not be abused and take the pants several sizes larger. Also don't underestimate yourself yourself and buying clothes several sizes smaller - too narrow and tight can cause blood stasis.
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