The main parameters on the human body are: hips, waist, bust, bottom band. Hip is measured horizontally across the most prominent part of the hips. The waist on the contrary passes through the narrowest part. The meter should be carried out to horizontal, pull the stomach don't need, stick to your usual position. Bust is measured at the apex of the chest. The meter does not need much to pull on the chest. Do the measurement on the exhale. The volume under the chest ribbon is the most highly under the breast, but does not capture the mammary glands. These four parameters will be enough to pick up on the figure sheets.
There are a number of indicators that you may need. To facilitate measurements and make them the most accurate, tie on the waist line an ordinary rubber band or string. This accessory you need to accurately measure data involving the waist line. Note that all parameters of circumference and volume are recorded in half-size, the same rule applies to the indicator of the width of the back.
Height – measured from the highest point of the head to the feet. Pants length – the tape is held vertically from the waist to the desired length of the leg, given the roundness of the hips. Neck circumference – the measurement is performed at the very base of the neck. Front length to waist – to-tape passes from the highest point of the shoulder seam on the convex side of the breast to the waist line. Simultaneously with this measure off the height of the chest – from shoulder seam to the most convex part of the chest. Shoulder width is measured from one hand to the other, the tape passes over the protruding part of the blades. Back length to waist – measure from the seventh cervical vertebra vertically to the waist line. Product length – parameter is also measured as previous figure, from the seventh cervical vertebra to the desired length. Shoulder length – the tape needs to hold the base of the neck to the shoulder joint. Girth of hand – measured at the widest part of the hand grabbing the armpit. Sleeve length – the tape is carried out from the shoulder joint to the desired length. The girth of the wrist – measured the thinnest part of the wrist.
Specialists in designing clothing carried out a large number of different measurements. But the average person is enough to know the above indicators.