You will need
  • - the tape;
  • a large mirror;
  • - a simple cloth belt or sash.
For the measurement procedure you will need the tape with visible divisions and a large mirror. Measure waist need on your naked body, because even the thin and tight blouse will give an extra layer, which will affect the result.
When measuring the volume of the waist , you need to remember two important points: the waist is always measured on the exhale and on the most narrow place on the body. The second point requires a little explanation. Often people find that the waist is always located exactly in the middle between the Breasts and hips, and try to measure it there. In fact, the position of the waist depends on the anatomical characteristics of body composition and different people it can be slightly above or below the midline.
Therefore, it should be guided only by the position of the navel, how often do traditional dressmaker. The measurement results may be incorrect. To find your waist, stand straight in front of a large mirror and take a close look at her figure. Shoes is first necessary to remove. The narrowest place on the body and will your waist, regardless of the position of the navel or the chest.
Exhale air from the lungs and attach the cm to the waist strictly parallel to the floor. Need to exhale without effort, without dragging while in the belly, but not trying to stick out. Centimeter should fit tightly to the body, but not crash into it. It is necessary to focus on the division, which is obtained by a sufficiently dense stringing the tape measure, but not yet effortless.
If you find it difficult to cope with the cm and get a certain result, you can resort to the old trick, often used by experienced tailors for a more accurate sizing. Take a simple cloth belt from a dress or any kind of ribbon and tightly tie it at the waist. Make sure that your belt does not cut into the body, but not slack on it. Then take the inch and apply it over the tied belt is strictly parallel to the floor. Thus you will get the most accurate size of your waist.