Advice 1: How to weave beads?

Rosary beads – this tape is connected to the ring. They are used for counting out of prayers, prostrations, help you focus and remind you of the prayer time. Beads you can buy in the store or Church, but you can do it yourself. In their manufacture, you will help our step by step instructions.
How to weave beads?
Measure soutache 5.5 meters, if you need a rosary at 50 knots. Standard length for rosary can be measured as follows: from the shoulder left hand to right hand. Fold the thread in half, cut, then fold again in half to determine the middle. Thus the rosary we will weave in the middle.
Twist the edges of the threads, so they do not interfere when you weave.
Take the netting knots. They are usually weaved on his left hand. After making 10 knots, put a wooden bead. For ease of stringing beads, you can make the hole bigger with scissors.
Weave this way 25 knots. Remember, the middle of woven 5 knots, then put a bead, then to the end of the beads to dress up in 10 knots. After you weave 25 knots, unwind the second half and continue to braid. First bead through 5 nodes, and then 10.
Weave beads are ready from the bottom, connect the knot from 4 strands of soutache, then you will need to attach a dagger and a brush.
Make the crossbar. Weave it separately from the knots and thread it through the remaining strands of soutache. Then weave 2 bundle of 4 threads. When you joined the beads from the bottom, you will find thousands of them to weave a cross.
Weave a separate bar at 3cm. from 2 strands of soutache around the edges make the knots, as in the rosary. The excess soutache made after the nodules you can crop, now get the ring. The cross can wrap a simple thread will turn out quite nicely.
Weave 2 bundle of 4 threads below the cross. Now between these two knots should be cut soutache 10 pieces 10-15 cm in length. Wrap normal thread soutache threads.
Trim the excess thread, make sure the brush is the desired length.
Weave cross made of 4 strands, braid it crosswise. You can if you weave the cross to use beads. Can wrap the cross in the same wool threads, it is believed that the devils are afraid of wool.
Learn about the importance of the rosary. Beads of 30 knots and 3 the beads (33) – mean years of Christ's life on Earth. The cross is a reminder of the sufferings of Christ and the brush is reminiscent of Calvary. Some beads are weaved from colored soutache, such as red – Easter and martyrdom.

Advice 2: How to use a rosary

No one knows exactly by whom and on what occasion was invented the very first rosary, which appeared in the II Millennium BC in India. In many religions they are used to count the number of read prayers and made bows. Central Asian shamans, for example, actually in their rituals used diamonds and beads, by which they wondered about the future and death. Use this religious attribute you need all the rules and with all seriousness.
How to use a rosary
Prayer beads of different religions looks very similar. This tape or cord on which are strung the beads of grain are separated from each other by knots. The rosary is always closed in a ring is a symbol of magic, accumulating power and symbolizing the crown of faith.
The number of beads varies in different religions. The Buddhist rosary consists of 108 grains, extra, the biggest bead is called "Meru". Catholic rosary-the rosary consists of 50 or 64 beads injustices – from 108, 54, or 50 beads, Muslim Tasbih – 99, 33 or 11 beads, Orthodox – of the 33 beads.
At the end of the rosary can be different things: in the Orthodox Church – the cross and the tassel, in Catholicism, the cross, in Buddhism, two tassels and beads in Hinduism – two of the same brushes, in Islam – a small stone and brush.
In Hinduism, prayer beads are used to reading mantras. To count beads, you need to first clockwise. Read the mantra 108 times, you will once again be on the main busine, which count in the opposite direction.
Keep a rosary in his left hand, middle finger, moving them with his thumb, connecting the ring finger, little finger and middle together – this symbolizes the overcoming of the material world and the transition to the spiritual world.
Initially, try the index finger not to touch the beads – it symbolizes selfishness, from where you should get rid of. Over time, the index finger will help to move the beads.
Peaceful small read, by placing the arm at heart level. The mantra of power and wealth recite at the level of the navel.
Working with a Christian beads, repeat one busine one prayer, until the end of the cycle a given number of prayers, prostrations and overlay the sign of the cross. When you are finished, hang the beads to the icons, if prayed at home, or put in your pocket if you've read the prayer in the temple.
In Japan shuffling beads with different fingers is used to impact on different areas of the body: the thumb and index ease the headache, large and medium – relieve anger and depression, a large and ring – increases resistance to pressure fluctuations. If you crush the beads whole hand, normalizes the work of all organs of the body.
In Islam 11 beads of the rosary there is a prayer that consists of just 11 parts. On the bridge after the eleventh beads there is a change of prayer posture.
Keep the beads clean, periodically rinse them in running water. Don't give personal rosary with others who do not use them as the scores and don't pick at them in vain.
Useful advice
Shuffling beads of different materials (sandalwood, cypress, copper, amber, rhinestone, juniper) helps to treat diseases of the joints, calms the nervous system, positively affects the brain.

Advice 3: Why you need a rosary

Currently, the rosary, in spite of their belonging to subjects of a religious cult, more is used as ordinary jewelry. Kind of a fad with a religious bias. Meanwhile, this subject has a very specific intended purpose.
the rosary and the Bible
Seemingly ordinary or a little exotic beads - prayer beads, their origins and existence are bound religion. Moreover, religion is not the same. Prayer beads have a wide spread in Christianity, and in Buddhism and in Islam.

The main function of the rosary

In all religions the basic role of the rosary was about the same. They served as a kind of counter read prayers or by various ritual acts. In addition, it is believed that the rosary help to focus the believer on prayer and also symbolize the cyclical nature of life and neskonchaemoi the power of God. In each of the religions prayer beads have only inherent in this belief, symbolic meaning

The role of prayer beads in different religions

In Christianity, the rosary appeared in the fourth century BC in Palestine. They consisted of 33 beads of seeds of fruits and their number corresponded to the number of years lived by Christ.

In Russia, the number of grains in the beads increased to one hundred. Although, depending on your destination, these beads could be from 20 to 150 beads.

Catholics have prayer beads called rosary (crown spring of roses). They account for 50 beads and is divided into 5 decades. However, some Catholic peoples and religious confessions these beads have their own characteristics. For example, Basque rosary is made in the form of a ring, which is worn on the finger. And consists of cross and 10 grains. The Franciscans, on the contrary, the number of beads increased to seventy.

Now in Catholicism, prayer beads are considered by Church affiliation.

Muslims have prayer beads there are two kinds: round and flat. Flat consist of skewered squares and rectangles resemble a Desk calendar

The round beads the number of beads is always the same – 99. So many names of Allah. These beads are separated by crosspieces for 11 beads. This is due to the number of required parts of the Muslim prayers.

Space, fire, air, earth and water means five colored filaments have a Buddhist rosary. On these threads are strung with 108 beads made from Yak bones. Beads separated by ridges into 3 equal parts. As a castle on the rosary used by large pearl symbolizing the sign of the Buddha.

In the modern world, the rosary is often used as ordinary jewelry. Large rosary is worn instead of beads on the neck and small wrist. They are believed to have the power of a talisman and some of them are made of certain material is also able to protect from many dangerous diseases.

Advice 4: How to weave beads

Rosary - beads of wood, bone, stone, or other materials, strung on a string. The scope of their application – religious prayer, repeated many times. Christians, Buddhists and Muslims especially are used to not to stray from the account during the prayer. Weaving beads is not extremely difficult, you only need a few beads of different sizes and long thin cord. However, it is not likely the netting, and nizana.
How to weave beads
You will need
  • 50 beads with a diameter of 5-10 mm;
  • 36 beads with a diameter of 10-15 mm;
  • 4 beads with a diameter of 15-20 mm;
  • 1 long bead;
  • Cord made of artificial material.
Dial on the cord all the beads and the beads in the following order: eight small beads, long bead, then a small bead – medium glass bead (nine times) – little bead – a large bead, again a series of nine small and medium beads, and so on until the end.
Typing all the beads, go through the long bead and small beads to make the loop. Its base is a long bead. Tie the ends of the cord so that the knot was not visible, once cut and cauterized. The beads can rotate
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