Measure soutache 5.5 meters, if you need a rosary at 50 knots. Standard length for rosary can be measured as follows: from the shoulder left hand to right hand. Fold the thread in half, cut, then fold again in half to determine the middle. Thus the rosary we will weave in the middle.
Twist the edges of the threads, so they do not interfere when you weave.
Take the netting knots. They are usually weaved on his left hand. After making 10 knots, put a wooden bead. For ease of stringing beads, you can make the hole bigger with scissors.
Weave this way 25 knots. Remember, the middle of woven 5 knots, then put a bead, then to the end of the beads to dress up in 10 knots. After you weave 25 knots, unwind the second half and continue to braid. First bead through 5 nodes, and then 10.
Weave beads are ready from the bottom, connect the knot from 4 strands of soutache, then you will need to attach a dagger and a brush.
Make the crossbar. Weave it separately from the knots and thread it through the remaining strands of soutache. Then weave 2 bundle of 4 threads. When you joined the beads from the bottom, you will find thousands of them to weave a cross.
Weave a separate bar at 3cm. from 2 strands of soutache around the edges make the knots, as in the rosary. The excess soutache made after the nodules you can crop, now get the ring. The cross can wrap a simple thread will turn out quite nicely.
Weave 2 bundle of 4 threads below the cross. Now between these two knots should be cut soutache 10 pieces 10-15 cm in length. Wrap normal thread soutache threads.
Trim the excess thread, make sure the brush is the desired length.
Weave cross made of 4 strands, braid it crosswise. You can if you weave the cross to use beads. Can wrap the cross in the same wool threads, it is believed that the devils are afraid of wool.
Learn about the importance of the rosary. Beads of 30 knots and 3 the beads (33) – mean years of Christ's life on Earth. The cross is a reminder of the sufferings of Christ and the brush is reminiscent of Calvary. Some beads are weaved from colored soutache, such as red – Easter and martyrdom.