To weave boring the first method, take two long strands of wool or embroidery floss of different colors. Length of thread, put together, exceed twice the length of the future bore.
Highlight on the head of a small strand of hair and tie the thread with a single knot at its base so that on both sides of the node left tails of thread the same length.
Tie a knot in the roots of the hair so that it does not slip through the strands. Smooth the strand of hair, and then align three of the four strands so that they lie exactly parallel to the hair.
Fourth thread start in a circle to wrap around the strands, starting from the roots and densely pressing to each other the turns. Will the denser the weave, the stronger will be boring.
After you braid part of braid with one color, tie the end of the thread and put it on in the strand, and braiding to further select the end of the thread of a different color. So you can weave multicolor boring.
At the end of the braid tie a thread node. The more colors you use in the weave, the thicker and raznocvetnie will be boring.
There is another method of weaving – take, as in the previous method, thread, and highlight on the head of a small strand of hair.
At the roots of strands of thread, tie a knot and begin to braid the strands of hair braid by weaving the ends of colored thread, which should be inside the braids, and the rest of the top start end of the spiral wrap braid, making pulously.
Tighten each spiral overlapping threads to the bore looked smoother and neater. Continue weaving with the change of colors until you tie the braid to the end, and will not bring the boring to the desired length.