To charge the beads should be in the first day of the full moon, when the energy of even weak people become effective.
Before charging a rosary be sure to take a bath, put on clean clothes. Light up the room candle is white, you can turn on quiet soothing music. Charging a rosary is used as a private human energy and the energy of the Universe.
Put a rosary in the left hand, gently stroke them, thinking about their needs. Then look at the beads, wait a minute or two, and speak loudly and clearly: "I charge you with the divine energy".
Continue gently stroking the rosary, thinking about the assistance they will provide. Then say the word again, giving them the confidence and strength that I can. Repeat the words three, six, nine or twelve times. You will feel when to stop. Rosary in the palm of your hand will become warm and you feel their energy.
The frequent use of prayer beads themselves are energized from the prayers or mantras that you read. And when you take a rosary into the hands, first of all draw earlier embedded energy.
Between the rosary and man is a mystical affinity. To strengthen, you need to put the beads on the palm and imagine that they are shrouded in invisible air. Mentally pour this ether in your own body, hold for a few seconds and pour back into the beads. Thus there is an exchange of information between a human and a rosary. They begin to understand its owner, his worries and hopes, aspirations and desires. With such manipulations it is possible not only to evolve spiritually but also to cure many diseases.
Don't forget to take care of a rosary, and from time to time to recharge: "walk", that is charge the solar or lunar energy – spread under the light of the moon or Sun. And beadsmade from semiprecious and ornamental stones, hold under running water at least twice a week.