When you purchase a new mobile phone battery is usually protected by a plastic strip, if the battery is already in the phone. Sometimes the battery lies in a separate package inside the box with your mobile device. When you first turn your phone need to put the entire charge to the state when the phone will turn off itself and cannot turn on without recharging. After that we will need to charge the battery a long cycle, lasting 8-12 hours, although charging of the battery of the mobile phone short of just 2-5 hours, depending on the amount of milliamps per hour. After a long charging cycle again to drain the phone to zero", and so to do 3-6 times. In this situation, the battery will start to hold on much longer, the operating cycle of the battery will increase.
The case with the old battery known to many owners already have served a year or more phones. Batteries run out of cycles and the battery is discharged within a few minutes of conversation from 100% to 0%. In this case, to extend the life of the battery for 2-3 months, it need to "break" by sending to the terminal charge, 3-4 times exceeding the norm, and in this way to carry out charging the battery. After this procedure, after 2-3 months, the battery needs to be replaced by a new one.
To save power mobile battery fully discharge it and do a "long" recharge at least 2 times a month.