You will need
  • - consumer battery;
  • - stationery knife or scissors;
  • - wires.
In order to charge a dead battery for an emergency or just an important and a short phone call, you can use the backup feature of the phone battery. This function reserves a portion of battery power to call emergency services, and maintain such systems, as, for example, the clock on the Sony Ericcson phones and Nokia phones. Unfortunately, this feature only works on certain models of devices of these brands. To activate the backup battery you need to dial on the phone keypad *4720# or #3370#, respectively.
If you are the proud owner of a modern phone, charge a dead battery you can use standard cable with USB and mini USB. For this is enough cable to connect the phone to the computer. This operation can be carried out in many random places, such as store USB cables on the counter. Ten minutes of charging can last for several tens of minutes of conversation.
A dead battery can also be charged using the car or universal charger. The latter is good because it is able to charge the phone battery without any wires, but the car "charger" is often in the cars of taxi drivers or just kind and sympathetic motorists.
In the field to charge the battery of the phone you can use ordinary household batteries and wires lying around. For this you need to strip wires with a knife or scissors, to consistently connect these wires four batteries of standard AA ("finger"), or any other batteries, the total voltage which will not exceed five volts. Output wires, the resulting circuit then you need to connect with the contacts of the battery. Here also need to use sticky tape, plasticine or even clay – if only contacts are held tightly without overheating the battery. It is worth remembering that failure to observe polarity or voltage level of the battery may leak or even explode.
Fans of electricians will be able to use tucked under the arm of the resistor to 2 ohms, which you must attach to the already known at the previous point, a bunch of batteries. As the cable in this case, you can use the wire from a standard charger of your phone, and the battery get not have to. Another advantage of this type of charging – it can even occur while talking on the phone.