In order for a new phone serve you for as long as possible, you need to plug it in or "shake" as it is sometimes also called the process. It is the first charge on all the rules will allow your mobile phone as long as possible to work without undercharging.
So, after purchasing the phone, try to fully discharge the battery. Fast enough to defuse the device will help listening to music or games. As soon as the phone shuts down from lack of battery power, put it to recharge. For maximum results it is recommended to charge it more than half a day. In no case, do not disconnect the mobile phone from the network even if the phone rings that it is already fully charged.
Experts advise to repeat this procedure several times to completely discharge and recharged the battery for 12-15 hours straight. Note that the unit must be unloaded completely until it turns off. It is important not to recharge the phone from time to time. Under any circumstances when charging, do not unplug the phone from the network for a specified period of time.
If for some reason you are not able to completely discharge the battery, do it later. And at least twice a week, produce full cycles of discharge-charge.
Of course, these conditions will cause some limitations in using the phone, because throughout the process the phone cannot be touch. But when finished, you will get a fully working battery that will be as long as possible to hold a charge. Also greatly increases the lifespan of your apparatus. Otherwise, your phone will disappoint you - quickly discharged. If the kit have several batteries, then the process of charge-discharge will have to be done with each.