If you or your relatives also have mobile phones, with the same manufacturer that you have, you can take their charger with high probability it will. In addition, though rarely, but it happens that the cell phone of one manufacturer can be charged using the charger for the phone is quite another brand.
The second method is using the computer. If your phone is equipped with a USB port and you have a USB cable for it, simply connect using this cable, your cell phone with your computer.
If your computer or USB cord you have, this is not a reason for sadness. You'll need to remove the phone batteryand also found defective or simply inappropriate for your device charger.
Cut in the charger the part that connects to your cell phone – you don't need it. Next, slide a knife along the wire to cut the insulation, then pulled it down, exposing two wires.
Looking at the battery of the phone, you'll see the Golden contacts and the signs “+” and “-”. Connect to the positive of the Postings the blue color, and minus, respectively, and red.
Then the wiring to fix. This can be done with duct tape. Wrap them with wire, so you don't have to hold their hands throughout the process of charging the battery. Plug the charger in and the charging begins.