You will need
  • Square battery "planet" of metal terminals, connecting wires.
The task is to ensure that in the event of unforeseen circumstances make one phone call, and to charge the battery of the mobile phone. To help you come battery power, which was popular in Soviet times. It consists of 3 AA batteries and should give a voltage of 4.5 volts. In practice, this battery gives as much as 5 volts.
The main task in solving this problem – the correct connection of the battery and phone. You can make a connection directly from the battery to the battery of the phone or connect the battery to the phone via the usb cord.
When connecting the usb cord is the most important thing - to observe the correct polarity otherwise, the battery is an impossible task. The correct Pinout of the contacts is indicated on the picture. 1 (+) and 4 (-) terminals are the supply. The black wire belongs to negative, and red belongs plus.
How to make <b>charge</b> <strong>phone</strong>
It remains only to connect all parts of our scheme. On exposed wires you must put on and fasten the terminals. Pin terminals are required on two sides exposed wires. After attaching the terminals on the wires you need to connect the battery and the battery of phone connection cables. When properly connected, the screen of the phone appears to charge the battery.