The first method is via the PC and USB adapter. This is the easiest way to solve the problem, but, on the other hand, the most whimsical. Because it is often true that no computer or USB cable. If the adapter and computer were next to you, it's very simple. Connect the USB cable to the computer and the phone will start charging.
The second method requires care and time and is done by the "foreign" charger. The word "stranger" refers to a charger that is not suitable for your phone model. It can be charger from old mobile. So, first, disconnect the battery from the phone. Take the "foreign" charger and cut it in the plug which must be inserted into the phone. Cut the insulation the charger in the place where you cut off the plug. You will see two small wiring, one red, one blue. Cut the wire insulation to expose these two wires.
Next, take the battery out and inspect it. Find it contacts gold plated color. Now look closely and find the battery "+" and "-". Your task is to connect the blue wire of the insulation wire to the " + "sign and the red to the" - " character. In order for the transaction not jumped from his seat, they need to fix it with duct tape. This should be done carefully so as not to separate the contacts. And the last step is the inclusion of a homemade device in the socket. Be careful, do this method of recharge your mobile phone very carefully and nothing Apatite, otherwise you may get an electric shock. But remember that the best way to charge a mobile phone specially designed for this charger.
The third way to charge a mobile phone without a special charger is carried out using the so-called "frogs". This universal battery charger for rechargeable batteries of any brand models of mobile phones. Sold this device in the salons of cellular communication. Works from the mains 220V. Instructions for use are very simple. A contact group is selected using the move special sliders.