Before you come to the question of how to charge your smartphone correctly to its durability, it is necessary to clarify the situation with the batteries. All the difference is in their types. Early portable appliances were equipped with Nickel-iron, Nickel-metal hydride batteries, now in laptops and smartphones batteries lithium-ion.

In Nickel batteries, has a so-called "memory effect". The essence of this phenomenon is the following: if you charge the battery, filled by 30%, the remaining 70% are remembered by the device as a "full charge", and it is clear that the initial capacity is reduced. It is because the principle of charging Nickel battery became widely known. Chemical changes during charging a full battery reduce capacity in the future.

Modern portable electronics include lithium ion batteries that are fully charged do not require.

How to charge your smartphone properly

The device requires regular charging. Do not let the smartphone was discharged until the end, to 0%. Even discharging to 50% is not a good option. When lowering the charge by 10-20% is required to put the device on charging.

The device cannot be left in charge. Modern lithium-ion devices do not require continuous 100% charging. The best option of recharging from 40 to 80%. Try to stay in these boundaries. If the battery is charged in full, 100%, then you should not leave it on the charge, such actions reduce the service life of electronic devices.

How to charge the smartphone, if this process happens at night

To the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries in the years to maximize their lifespan, it is best to buy energy-saving outlet. When setting the instrument on charge over night special sockets after a specified amount of time off charger.

If the phone or laptop is not of Chinese origin, it has native controller charge which upon reaching 100% he will switch off the charging, and in some cases even misleading about the full charge beep. Of course, like normal devices can leave the network for a long time.

How to charge your smartphone, to increase its service life

Once a month, but not more, should clear the electronics completely, and then 100% charge it. These steps are necessary to calibrate the device. The fact that the devices show the remaining battery capacity in minutes or percentages, these functions can be disturbed with frequent small charges, and therefore should be them every month to adjust in this fashion.

It is unacceptable to prevent overheating of the device, it will significantly shorten its service life. For this reason, you should not run while holding a laptop on his lap.